Sammie Mcfarland

CEO & Founder

Sammie's passion for wellbeing stems from her life-long commitment to proactive health and empowering women to look after and understand their bodies. Having overcome adversity, and despite being an introvert Sammie developed the grit to grow a successful wellbeing business in Dorset and online.
Her dedication to supporting women's wellness led Sammie to receive Burrell Educations internationally recognised Wellbeing Coach of the Year Award and Dorset Successful Women in Business Award in 2019.

In March 2020 Sammie and her then 14-year-old daughter both contracted COVID-19 and subsequently developed debilitating Long Covid. Fuelled by the challenges in accessing medical care for her daughter, Sammie launched Long Covid Kids to provide grassroots support and connection for families, children and young people living with Long Covid.

In 2021 Long Covid Kids became the first UK-based, international charity for children living with Long Covid. The charity's work is focused on education, prevention, research and support, and is recognised by the NHS and the Centre for Disease Control in the USA.

Sammie has been a lifelong advocate for proactive health & has a special interest in reducing the impact of chronic long-term health on children.